Custom Bow Tie Shaped Pet ID Dog Tag

SKU: BA012786

Personalize your pet's bow tie pet id tag to make it truly one-of-a-kind! The distinctive bow tie-shaped design presents you with a selection of 52 icons to choose from. On the front, you can have your pet's name and preferred icon delicately engraved, while the back can accommodate detailed information.

You can choose from five captivating colors: silver, rainbow, black, rose gold, and gold. Please note that the rainbow dog tag's primary color will be selected randomly, offering a surprise element as it may be blue, green, yellow, red, or purple.

To make sure the safe return of your beloved pet, it's important to personalize their dog tag with vital information. Engrave important details such as your pet's name, street address, phone number, microchip number, and any relevant medical information. The tag is laser engraved, guaranteeing that the information will not wash off, rub off, or fade over time.


Product Specs

Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Black, and Iridescent
Small---1 5/16" x 7/8"
Large---1 9/16" x 1 1/8"
2-rings 15mm/25mm