Custom Engraved Actual Fingerprint and Handprint Charm Adjustable Bracelet

SKU: BA014575

The baby footprint Bracelet is perfect for everyday wear. Simply stylish and comfortable. Custom Actual Handprint, Fingerprint, and Footprint to the Bracelet. The stainless steel Fingerprint Bracelet is available in silver, gold, and rose gold. And have the 2 sizes can choose.
Baby Footprint Bracelet is a wonderful and unique gift idea to show the important people in your life with a cute, dainty, and creative gift. This custom charm bracelet also makes a perfect 1st Mother's day gift for a new mom.


Product Specs

Material: Sterling Silver
Color: Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold
2 Bracelet Size:
S size perimeter 6 1/2"- 7 1/4"
L size perimeter 7 1/4"- 8 1/4"
Charm Size:
Big Disc: 7/8"
Small Disc: 3/4"

Processing Time

The expected processing time for this product is approximately one to two business days.

Care Instructions

To protect the longevity of the jewelry, avoid wearing the cuff bangle bracelet when swimming or using products such as perfumes, lotions, or body sprays. Cleaning it with a soft microfiber cloth will help maintain its quality.