Custom Women's Happy 90th Birthday Necklace, 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry and Card Gift Set

SKU: BA011462

Celebrate a milestone 90th birthday with our 925 Sterling Silver interlocking circle necklace. This jewelry piece features four interlocking circles, symbolizing the special connections and experiences accumulated over four decades.

The necklace is made of high-quality 925 Sterling Silver, ensuring durability and timeless elegance. The interlocking circles are intricately designed, creating a beautiful and meaningful focal point.

To make this necklace truly personal, you can customize the circles with initials, names, or meaningful dates. This personalized touch adds an extra layer of sentiment and makes it a cherished keepsake for the recipient.

Product Specs

Material: Sterling Silver
Color: Silver
Pendant Size: 0.73" x 3.18"
Chain length - 16"+2'' (2 inches is the extension chain)

Processing Time

The expected processing time for this product is approximately one to two business days.

Care Instructions

To protect the longevity of the jewelry, avoid wearing the cuff bangle bracelet when swimming or using products such as perfumes, lotions, or body sprays. Cleaning it with a soft microfiber cloth will help maintain its quality.