Add-on Birthstone Charm, Charm for Necklaces, Silver Charm, Gold Charm

SKU: BA014179

Add a tiny, shimmering crystal charm in the jewelry of your choice. These birthstones charm have silver and gold. These are VERY TINY charms and can be added to nearly any necklace and some bracelet that I make. They dia is 6mm. Made of the Brass+Glass.

Adding birthstone charm to your order.

January - Dark Red
February - Purple
March - Aquamarine Blue
April - Clear
May - Emerald
June - Pink
June - Red
July - Ruby
August - Peridot Green
September - Sapphire Blue
October - Rose
November - Citrine Yellow
December - Turquoise blue


Product Specs


Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Color: Silver
Size: 6mm
3mm jump ring.

Processing Time

The expected processing time for this product is approximately one to two business days.

Care Instructions

To protect the longevity of the jewelry, avoid wearing the cuff bangle bracelet when swimming or using products such as perfumes, lotions, or body sprays. Cleaning it with a soft microfiber cloth will help maintain its quality.